Xmind Rewritten Graphics Engine

Recently, I have been working on a front-end application similar to Xmind in my spare time.However, Xmind has undergone a major update and Rewrote its graphics engine. This makes me question whether I should continue working on the app.

Xmind's Major Update


100% Rewritten Graphics EngineNew

  • Refactored core code and architecture
  • Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Enhanced Scalability

This update should significantly improve various aspects of using XMind and enhance the user experience. With this foundation in place, additional features, forms, and more will appear.

My Self-Doubt

I’m recently developing a frontend application called Code Mind. The idea came from my experience of using Xmind to organize my thoughts on the React 18.2 ’s code. However, I found that Xmind was too laggy, which was frustrating regardless of whether I used it on a Windows or MacBook. Additionally, I wanted the mind mapping to be able to incorporate code snippets .

This major update of Xmind may have affected its performance, which was my initial concern. After trying to reopen larger Xmind files from before, it seems that the update has actually improved the program's speed.

Suddenly, self-doubt creeps in, questioning the value of quietly working alone. I know this feeling is not unique to this situation. It has often occurred in the past when I persisted in doing something.

My Thoughts

When I start writing this note, I know that it would be an article on how to encourage myself to keep going. So, should I keep going?

  • Ask yourself the first question: Do I have anything else worth doing?
  • It seems like there's nothing much. In terms of learning, this matter will be relatively more meaningful, even though it may not be well-received and may not necessarily have a response or outcome.

  • Are there any reasons to keep going?
  • There are actually other reasons for doing this besides personal use. I hope to promote this application to the public and have users enjoy it.Although the chance of success may not be high, (since I have never done anything like this before), what if it is? Let's give it a try.
  • In addition to promotion, I am considering porting this application to a desktop app using Electron. This would allow me to learn the skill of Electron. Alternatively, I could port it to a mobile app using React Native, which would enable me to learn React Native.

  • What else?
  • There doesn't seem to be much reason behind it, but I was feeling pretty happy when I started writing this. It's more enjoyable to write during my spare time than my usual work. I feel like I'm continuously learning and improving, which makes me optimistic about the future.
  • I am planning that, after finishing this 2D project, I may start exploring some 3D space stuff. As a frontend developer, I always feel like this is something I should do.

Okay, let's continue writing and have fun. Don't overthink it too much.

Regarding what I want to say to the future

  • Maintain a happy mood, high energy levels, and a comfortable environment.
  • Don't be lazy, don't overplay, don't slack off, and don't have regrets in old age.
  • Be quicker, time waits for no one
  • Be slower,take good care of my health