Ruanyifeng, Who live with the Chinese Frontend History

Ruanyifeng is my favorite bloger, but he was not originally a front-end developer. He was a professor teaching at a school. However, his blog emerged alongside the rise of front-end development in China.

I love reading stories.

I learned about the history of front-end development and read Senior Ruǎn's (a Chinese blogger) historical blog. When I read Ruǎn's 2003 blog, about that he Joyfully downloaded the new version of the browser, I realized one thing: Ruǎn is actually not a front-end developer, yet he witnessed the history of front-end development and demonstrated his value in this field.

Ruǎn loves to translate articles and occasionally writes blog posts about some English sentences, tasting and recording the "mystery" in language. It was around 2010 when he began to complain about the low income of translation work.

Gradually, He started writing blogs on css techniques and began learning frontend scripting (php, js). And then, started translating frontend books. One day, He joined a major domestic company and became an expert.

Quite interestingly, Professor Ruan is a professor who loves to surf the internet, write blogs, but may not seem very reliable. (According to one of his students, the professor is a bit chubby, has a unique English accent, and leaves right after class)

Of course, he also witnessed Bitcoin (🤣haha)

Update (06.16)


In this interview article, Ruan accepted an interview with Turing Education.

Ruan works for the frontend team of Alipay.

Ruan is a finance and economics teacher.

Ruan's blog website was inspired by Wang Jianshuo's blog, which began in 2003.

"(In China,) if you want to be honest, not do bad things, and be treated fairly, you may only be able to go into programming."

Update (06.27)

While chatting in a WeChat group, I came across someone who used to write blogs in 2005, but didn't stick with it for long. It was quite interesting.

I have collected several blogs from China's second wave of bloggers, some of which date back to 2010 and 2013.

However, I still think that Ruan's blog is the most interesting. I always look forward to his team's updates every week 😆.